Over Socialisation!

Yes this really is a 'thing'. Now comes the time to re-evaluate rules when walking Ava, she is so friendly and eager to meet dogs and people now that it is now time to teach her to ignore them until she is introduced by me. At the beginning we wanted her to take herself to others and investigate in order to trust and understand that people are nice, dogs are nice, nothing to worry about here, have a treat and move on. Lets face it though, nobody wants a 40kg Rotweiller launching herself at random people in the street - even if her intentions are pure - she may be tiny and cute right now but she wont be forever so lets start as we mean to go on... So the next step is asking her to ignore passers by, and focus on me and the walk. Doggle is coming in handy as I can reward Doggle (who isn't all that interested in anything) for being close to me, and Ava then wants to work out how she can get the same treatment! A tiny correction on the lead is also good to bring her back to my side so that I can reward her if she is fixated on checking random stranger's pockets for treats! All going quite well so far. I will be seeing another pup with this issue - although older than Ava - quite soon so lets see if we can make Ava into a role model before then!