Here's an example of the services that we offer

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One to One initial Consultations

These are carried out in your home at your convenience, it is helpful if the majority of the family are present. There is no time limit placed on the initial consultation, I will stay for as long as it takes to evaluate any issues with the household dogs and to take a full history, functional analysis and behavioural diagnostic in order to determine the best course of action. It is usually necessary to demonstrate techniques and walk with the dog(s). When you are happy and comfortable with the programme overview I will leave and write a full report detailing the plan of behaviour modification for your reference. You are encouraged to contact me by telephone for further advice and to discuss the initial programme - this is included in the cost of the initial consultation. Sometimes a follow-up consultation is in order, but often issues can be dealt with in a single consultation along with follow ups by telephone and email. For more complicated or long term issues follow up consultations will be recommended.


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Follow up consultations

Follow-up consultations are carried out where required to review the plan, look at progress and address any issues or difficulties with the initial advice, these sessions are in your home and usually more hands on. A follow-up allows for continued support, further progress and advice. A brief report will be forwarded post-consultation detailing any adjustments and additional advice. These can take anywhere from two - four hours depending on the complexity. It is advisable to book a follow-up consultation for three to four weeks after the initial meeting.

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Board and Behaviour service

This is offered on a case by case basis and an assessment is required prior to acceptance. This is certainly not for everyone as many issues require commitment and work on the owner's part as a primary consideration. However for some dogs this can be a valuable way to assess thoroughly in my home with a sociable pack of dogs. This allows me to consider individual needs and begin basic foundation exercises in a more intensive way than may be possible at home. This can often be incredibly helpful in setting everyone up for success however is not a quick fix! A handover session upon completion is a must as the plan of behaviour modification will require commitment and perseverance to be successful long term, without this many dogs revert to previous behaviour so you will be provided with a tailored plan to follow to ensure progress and success. This may encompass some training of obedience but is primarily focussed on behaviour so good for issues of aggression, anxiety, reactivity etc.

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On-line Consultancy

For clients that would like advice from a distance I offer an on-line consultancy service. This is far from an ideal scenario as it is always best to meet the dog and interact with him or her in person.

However, if for some reason this is not possible, I can advise over the telephone and via email if necessary providing the client has access to video footage and can give an in-depth and honest account of  the behaviour and circumstances.

I cannot guarantee this option will be available to all as online consultancy is assessed on a case by case basis. I will not take payment if I feel that I will not be able to adequately advise without meeting and interacting with the dog.

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Student & Graduate Consultations

I occasionally offer graduate consultations. These allow the student or graduate to gain experience, and allow you to receive good quality advice free of charge. I accompany the student to your home and supervise the consultation. Both initial and follow-up consultations are covered as well as other scenarios such as rescue dog assessments and new puppy advice. Please inquire for availability in your area. These are available  for new and existing clients around the country, but in particular the Midlands, who would benefit from free behaviour advice. If you would like to be considered then please contact me with your full name, address including postcode, telephone number and a brief description of any issues that you would appreciate help with and quote 'Graduate Consultation'. A waiting list is in place for this service.


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Introduction Service

Introducing a new dog or puppy to an existing dog or dogs can be daunting. We're here to help, we can show you how to start off on the right foot and assist you with a smooth introduction as well as give you essential guidelines for maintaining harmony from the start. Dogs are extremely adaptable and will fit in if given the guidance needed to do so, when things are in place from day one behaviour issues are reduced or eliminated, and dynamics within the household are devoid of conflict.


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Puppy consultations

Pre-puppy consultations are available to assist you in making a correct choice regarding breed and energy level as well as advising on selecting a breeder and eventually selecting a pup. There is undeniably a huge correlation between behaviour issues and mismatched dogs and families, where future behaviour is concerned compatibility is key. This service allows you to make an educated choice when considering the best breed for your family, lifestyle and plans and can be extended to assist in selection of an appropriate individual to ensure a good match if required.

New puppy consultations are also available as a stand alone service or as an extension of the pre-puppy consultation. This service will cover essential advice on raising a puppy to become a balanced, secure and fulfilled adult - where the dog is happy the owners are happy! This is a lovely way to begin the relationship and foster a healthy bond whilst avoiding problems such as separation anxiety and inappropriate chewing amongst other common issues.

Here to help

The dog and family are our priority and if we can help in any way then we will endeavour to do so - please feel free to call and enquire whatever your requirements as we are happy to train, advise on behaviour, impart knowledge and work hands on in any context. We can refer to other professionals if we are unable to fulfill your criteria so call us for an informal chat to discuss your needs.